Boost your Solenoids/ knockers

***** I am not an electrician and use my advice at your own risk." Always test and read about what is the maximum voltage and power for your electronics. If you are uncertain, ask an electrician . Playing with electricity can always cause a fire" ******

A lot of times people find that the noise level of their contactors/Solenoids is too low. There are a few ways you can go about this,

#1 buy a Bigger Solenoid

#2 Get a more powerful power supply

#3 Get a stiffer spring to replace the spring on the solenoid.

or get a booster board like we will do in this tutorial.

You can get the Booster for under 15$ and it is working quite well.


I am only having a small issue, the board is hissing when the solenoid is activating and the heat sink become very hot. when i activate the solenoid a few more times the hissing stops. It looks at some interference.

We used a 24v Power supply to power up the booster board and the output of the board will increase the voltage, which will make the solenoid sound louder.

This is the setup to our 24v solenoid.

Major Frenchy